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Benjamin Erb

Benjamin Erb holds a Diploma degree in Computer Science in Media and a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Ulm University. He is currently employed as a research assistant at the Institute of Distributed Systems.

Research Outline: Chronograph

As part of my thesis, I am currently working on Chronograph – a novel graph computing platform that combines concepts of traditional graph computing with features from event-driven architectures. The platform combines a vertex-based programming model, an asynchronous concurrency model using message passing, and an alternative persistence approach that is based on event sourcing.

Research Interests 

  • Distributed Computing
    • Graph-based computing
    • Event processing
    • Distribution and parallelization aspects
    • Time & programming models
  • Distributed systems & architectures
    • Event-driven architectures
    • Event sourcing & CQRS
    • Scalability of architectures
    • Concurrency and parallelism
  • Other Topics
    • Psychology & Privacy
    • Web technologies & web architectures
    • Programming languages and concepts
    • Open data


  • SIDGRAPH (started 2014/08 – 2017/07; completed): Development of scalability and distribution mechanisms for graph-based and event-driven computations and simulations
  • PRIPARE (2013/10 – 2015/09; completed): Design and implementation of a collaborative web portal for patterns and best practices for privacy
  • diretto / diretto.resc (2009/10 – 2011/08; completed): The main target of this student project has been the design and prototypical implementation of a platform for distributed reporting. Use cases include collaborations in disaster scenarios and the live coverage of large-scale public events. The second stage of the project has been funded by MFG Stiftung Baden-Württemberg as part of a Karl-Steinbuch scholarship.



Erb, Benjamin
Concurrent Programming for Scalable Web Architectures
Diplomarbeit VS-D01-2012
Institut für Verteilte Systeme, Universität Ulm,
April 2012

Zusammenfassung: Web architectures are an important asset for various large-scale web applications, such as social networks or e-commerce sites. Being able to handle huge numbers of users concurrently is essential, thus scalability is one of the most important features of these architectures. Multi-core processors, highly distributed backend architectures and new web technologies force us to reconsider approaches for concurrent programming in order to implement web applications and fulfil scalability demands. While focusing on different stages of scalable web architectures, we provide a survey of competing concurrency approaches and point to their adequate usages.


Erb, Benjamin; Kaufmann, Stefan; Schlecht, Tobias; Schaub, Florian; Weber, Michael
diretto: A Toolkit for Distributed Reporting and Collaboration
Mensch & Computer 2011 (MC 2011)
September 2011


Erb, Benjamin; Elsholz, Jan-Patrick; Hauck, Franz J.
Semantic Mashup: Mashing up Information in the Todays World Wide Web - An Overview
Technischer Bericht
Dokument Nummer: VS-R08-2009
Institut für Verteilte Systeme, Universität Ulm,
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