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Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Erb

Benjamin Erb is currently employed as a research assistant at the Institute of Distributed Systems. He holds a Diploma degree in Computer Science in Media and a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Ulm University. In 2019, he received his doctoral degree for his work on a novel live graph computing approach that has combined concepts of traditional graph computing with features from event-driven architectures. 

Research Interests 

  • Big Data Processing
    • processing on evolving graphs and offline graphs
    • distributed processing platforms
    • programming models for data processing
  • Distributed Systems & Architectures
    • event-driven architectures
    • event sourcing & CQRS
    • scalable web architectures
    • concurrency and parallelism aspects
  • Privacy
    • psychological aspects of privacy
    • privacy aspects in empirical research
    • user-centered privacy


  • ReSense (tba.): Retrospective Sensor Networks and Edge Computing for Secure Event Detection and Monitoring
  • SIDGRAPH (started 2014/08 – 2017/07; completed): Development of scalability and distribution mechanisms for graph-based and event-driven computations and simulations
  • PRIPARE (2013/10 – 2015/09; completed): Design and implementation of a collaborative web portal for patterns and best practices for privacy
  • diretto / diretto.resc (2009/10 – 2011/08; completed): The main target of this student project has been the design and prototypical implementation of a platform for distributed reporting. Use cases include collaborations in disaster scenarios and the live coverage of large-scale public events. The second stage of the project has been funded by MFG Stiftung Baden-Württemberg as part of a Karl-Steinbuch scholarship.



F. Engelmann, T. Lukaseder, B. Erb, R. W. van der Heijden and F. Kargl, "Dynamic Packet-filtering in High-speed Networks Using NetFPGAs" in Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technology (Best Paper Award), FGCT 2014, Luton, UK, IEEE, Aug.2014. pp. 55-59.
B. Erb, F. Kargl and J. Domaschka, "Concurrent programming in web applications" , it-Information Technology, vol. 56, no. 3, pp. 119--126, Mai 2014.


[englisch] B. Erb, "Concurrent Programming for Scalable Web Architectures", Diplomarbeit VS-D01-2012, Institut für Verteilte Systeme, Universität Ulm, Apr. 2012.


B. Erb, S. Kaufmann, T. Schlecht, F. Schaub and M. Weber, "diretto: A Toolkit for Distributed Reporting and Collaboration" in Mensch & Computer 2011 (MC 2011), Chemnitz, Sep.2011.


B. Erb, J. Elsholz and F. J. Hauck, "Semantic Mashup: Mashing up Information in the Todays World Wide Web - An Overview" , 2009.


Teaching in Winter Term 2020/2021

  • Introduction to Computer Networks (GRN)
  • Computer Networks and IT-Security (RNSEC)


Lab Courses

Seminars and Student Projects