My Springer books

Table of Contents:

  • Basic Properties of Solutions
  • Singularities of First Kind
  • Highest-Level Formal Solutions
  • Asymptotic Power Series
  • Integral Operators
  • Summable Power Series
  • Cauchy-Heine Transform
  • Solutions of Highest Level
  • Stokes' Phenomenon
  • Multisummable Power Series
  • Ecalle's Acceleration Operators
  • Other Related Questions
  • Applications in Other Areas, and Computer Algebra
  • Some Historical Remark


  • Matrices and Vector Spaces
  • Functions with Values in Banach Spaces
  • Functions of a Matrix

From the back cover: Simple ordinary differential equations may have solutions in terms of power series whose coefficients grow at such a rate that the series have a radius of convergence equal to zero. In fact, every linear meromorphic system has a formal fundamental solution of a certain form that can be relatively easily computed, but which generally involves such power series diverging everywhere. In this book, I present the classical theory of meromorphic ODEs in the new light shed upon it by the recent achievements in the theory of summability of formal power series.

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This is my earlier book of 1994, presenting the theory of multisummability founded by J. Ecalle. In particular, it contains a new proof for the main result in this area, saying that every formal solution of a non-linear meromorphic ODE is multisummable. The first proof for this was given by B. Braaksma in 1992, followed by a second one by Ramis and Sibuya in 1994. So by now three proofs for this result exist, which according to some colleagues is necessary for a theorem to be accepted as correct. All three proofs are essentially different, and my proof was judged as "tres elegante" in a survey article of B. Malgrange entitled "Sommation des series divergentes", in Expositiones Mathematicae of 1995.

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