Geometric Variational Problems

The Workshop is canceled. Hopefully we will organize a new event in the future!

Basic information about the workshop
  • 23-27 March 2020 at Ulm University
  • 16 main speakers, 7 short communications and a poster session
  • workshop dinner on Wednesday
  • organizers: Anna Dall'Acqua, Chun-Chi Lin, Paola Pozzi

The workshop takes place at Ulm University, Germany, from Monday, March 23 to Friday, March 27, 2020 and is organised as a part of the DFG funded research project "Flow of elastic networks".

The aim of the conference is to bring together a range of researchers working on geometric  variational problems and related topics. We plan to start in the afternoon on Monday and to finish by Friday at noon.



Corona Virus

Please check the information given by Ulm University concerning the Corona Virus provided  here (click on Info Coronavirus on the top, left side). Useful might be also the following leaflet.

Book of abstracts

Book of abstracts (Version of 6.3.2020)

Confirmed Invited speakers

  • Bellettini, Giovanni
    University of Siena
  • Blatt, Simon
    University of Salzburg
  • Chang, Jui-En
    National Taiwan University
  • Deckelnick, Klaus
    University of Magdeburg
  • Eichmann, Sascha
    University of Tübingen
  • Garcke, Harald
    University of Regensburg
  • Gößwein, Michael
    University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Grunau, Hans-Christoph
    University of Magdeburg
  • Kröner, Heiko
    University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Kuwert, Ernst
    University of Freiburg
  • Lee, Yng-Ing
    National Taiwan University
  • Lue, Yang-Kai
    National Taiwan Normal University
  • Maeder-Baumdicker, Elena
    TU Darmstadt
  • Mantegazza, Carlo
    University of Napoli
  • Masnou, Simon
    University of Lyon 1
  • Menne, Ulrich
    National Taiwan Normal University
  • Marius Müller
    Ulm University
  • Novaga, Matteo
    University of Pisa
  • Okabe, Shinya
    Tohoku University
  • Pluda, Alessandra
    University of Pisa
  • Röger, Matthias
    TU Dortmund
  • Schätzle, Reiner
    University of Tübingen
  • Westdickenberg, Maria
    RWTH Aachen



Registration is now closed. If you wish to partecipate, please contact the organizers.




Ulm University, Germany



Dall'Acqua, Anna (Ulm University)
Lin, Chun-Chi (National Taiwan Normal University)
Pozzi, Paola (University of Duisburg-Essen)