Physics - Master of Science (M.Sc.)

The goals of physics are to gain a deep understanding of the universe at its most fundamental levels and to extend such knowledge to more complicated systems ranging from the subatomic to the cosmological scale.Physics can then be considered the basis for all natural sciences and the bearing structure of any modern technological development. This is well reflected in our master programme in Physics which prepares graduates for careers in research and teaching at the university level or research in industrial laboratories.


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Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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Worum geht es in diesem Studiengang?

Students enrolling in the two year Master's programme will broaden their previous background in general physics and will be supported in carrying on their first independent research project in one of our exciting specialisation areas such as biophysics and soft matter, condensed matter and nanoscience, econophysics, quantum information and quantum technologies. Students have so the opportunity to experience forefront scientific research in an academic international environment.

Graduates from the Master degree programme in Physics:

  • have a deep knowledge of methods and techniques relevant for the chosen specialization area of physics
  • are ready to work in a cutting-edge international research environment
  • have learned to plan, set up and conduct a research project
  • know how to model a physical system both numerically and analitically
  • have developed key skills such as the ability to work in a team and communication skills.


  • Scope of the program: Scientific principles, experimental research, analytical methods and applications in the field of physics
  • Emphasis on lab work: Students get trained in conducting scientific experiments, recording and analyzing experimental data. Lab courses deal with modern techniques in physics and state-of-the-art experiments close to current academic research.
  • Independent research project: For completion of the program students work independently on an experimental master´s thesis project in an area/institute of their choice.


Educational requirements to be met by future students:

  • Solid undergraduate education in mathematics and physics.
  • Students will attend demanding intensive courses that summarize the basics and lead to advanced topics fast.
  • Willingness to actively participate in classes, labs and seminars.
  • Social skills to live and study in a multicultural, scientifically and personally stimulating environment.

How to Apply

Start of application period

1st April of each year for winter semester

15th October of each year for summer semester

End of application period

15th May of each year for winter semester

15th January of each year for summer semester

Start of the programme

1st October of each year for winter semester

1st April of each year for summer semester

Please follow the link to the Online Registration (available during the application phase).

You will be asked to enter the following data: personal data, information on Bachelor degree and the university where you obtained it.

At the end of the online registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

Documents to be downloaded before closing the online registration:

  • Data View of your records showing the data you entered.
  • Cover Sheet for the application package, it carries your application number

After completing the online registration, please proceed to fill in the Application Form.xlsx .

Read me: "How to complete the application form"

The application form is provided by the “Physics” office and it is available for download here during application period.

It is very important that the application form is filled out correctly with information on the grading system at your university as well as information on the courses you attended. If the application form is not filled out properly, your application will be rejected.


Please enter all the required data:
  • Application number, received during the online registration.
  • Grading system at your university:
    Does a credit point or credit hour system exist at your university? Please enter the max. grade and min. passing grade.
  • Final grade of your Bachelor degree or current grade point average (GPA) of all courses (if you have not yet finished the Bachelor programme).
  • Courses details: title, credit points/credit hours earned, grade (it has to be consistent with the max/min passing grade entered). Please copy the title exactly as it is stated on your transcript of records, all the information entered have to be retrievable in your transcript.

We are currently accepting application documents only in electronic form.

Please upload your application documens at the link provided in the confirmation e-mail, we do not accept documents sent per e-mail.

The application documents must be uploaded before the deadline!

1. Cover sheet Please sign it and fill in the date.
2. Application form Printout of the form that was already send by e-mail, please sign it and fill in the date.
3. Curriculum Vitae  
  • The CV has to be complete, i.e. there should be no gaps and it should cover the time period since you finished your Bachelor degree,
  • insert your name, application number and signature.
4. Transcripts of records All semesters studied in the Bachelor programme and exams taken have to be reported. If the transcripts are not written in English or German you have to provide copies of the certified English translation.
5. Official information on Grading Unless already reported in the transcripts, please provide an official document from your university on the grading system adopted (maximum grade, minimal passing grade, conversion of letter grades to number grades).
6. Bachelor degree certificate The final grade has to be reported (if not already reported in the transcript of records).  If the certificate is not in English or German you have to provide copies of the certified English translation.
7. English certificate 

TOEFL (ibT) test with minimum score: 88
IELTS test with minimum score: 6,5
any English Language Certificate corresponding to the same according to the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Languages)
evidence that the Bachelor was completed exclusively in English.

Applicants who are English native speakers don't have to submit any English test result.

Students are welcome to apply without an English certificate, however they should plan a test as soon as possible. A valid English certificate has to be presented the latest at the moment of enrollment.

8. APS-certificate (original!)  
Required for students from PR China and Vietnam.
9.* Module Handbook All non-EU applicants must submit the Module Handbook containing the modules description, content, workload and hours of lessons. This is mostly in the interest of each applicant as it would greatly help the Admission Commission in the evaluation process.

You will obtain a confirmation e-mail once we received and checked your application documents.

Please note:
  • We do not accept documents attached to e-mails.
  • Application is not valid if documents are sent without prior online registration.
  • Do not send any certificates not related to your academic or professional qualifications.

Graduates of the Ulm University with a BSc degree in Physics or Wirtschaftsphysik, should use the application form "Antrag auf Studiengangwechsel / Umschreibung vom Bachelor in den Master" and bring it to the Studiensekretariat. For more information please read here.


To be eligible for the "Physics" Master of Science programme, the following qualifications are needed:

1. Bachelor Degree

Bachelor degree in Physics
any comparable study course with essentially the same content at any institute of higher education in Germany or abroad.

2. Good proficiency of English

TOEFL (ibT) test with minimum score: 88
IELTS test with minimum score: 6,5
any English Language Certificate corresponding to the same according to the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Languages)
evidence that the Bachelor was completed exclusively in English.

Applicants who are English native speakers don't have to submit any English test result.

Students are welcome to apply without an English certificate, however they should plan a test as soon as possible. A valid English certificate has to be presented at the moment of enrollment the latest.

3.  Strong academic records

Final Bachelor Grade (GPA in German grade system): 2.4 or better
final thesis with grade 2.0 or better
evidence that you are among the top 20% of your class.

If the Bachelor has not been completed yet, an average GPA of 2.7 or better on all the examination results obtained by the date of application (the volume thereof must be equivalent to 140 or more ECTS).

4. Sufficient knowledge of experimental and theoretical physics and of mathematicsKnowledge and competences in theoretical and experimental physics, as well as in mathematics, closely comparable to the ones of a Physics Bachelor at Ulm University. For non-EU students, this is checked via the Module Handbook.

For detailed information on our admission requirements, please have a look at our  Admission Statute (2014).

Most foreign students have to apply for a student visa at the German Embassy in their home country. German Immigration Law does not allow to change the Immigration status whilst in Germany; do not enter with a tourist visa!

As soon as you know about your admission make an appoinment at the nearest embassy or consulate. Go there immediately after receiving the admission letter. Be aware that the visa procedure will take several weeks (up to 3 months). The embassy will inform you about the details of your visa application. Usually you have to present the following at the Embassy:

  1. our letter of admission (Zulassung)
  2. our Information for the Embassy
  3. a proof of your financial means (700 Euro/month at the least). Be prepared to show a bank statement covering the full expenses of the first year
  4. in addition to the above the respective embassy may require you to submit additional material - check with your nearest German embassy

The excellent frequently asked questions pool at the DAAD website is a good resource (select from drop-down menu at the top of the page).

Services and assistance

Together with the admission letter you will receive detailed information on services we provide. We will assist you in finding housing, i.e. we will make reservations in the students' dormitories.
Upon arrival a senior student will meet and assist you during your first hours on foreign terrain. You will soon meet your new classmates and become familiar with your new surroundings.

Professional Prospects

A wide range of careers are open to physicists given their scientific and analytic training:

  • Research and development positions in government-funded labs and private research industries
  • Scientific and technological areas: material science, computer programming, automotive and aerospace research, manufacturing and technology-based areas, healthcare sector
  • Specialized applications such development and test of new products and processes
  • Patent searches and writing
  • Sales and Marketing positions: identification of potential customers and information about new products technical aspects

  • PhD in Germany and all over the world
  • Teaching
  • Research

Campus life

The International Office and Studierendenwerk Ulm provide a broad range of advising and assistance services for international students, from housing service, canteen, tandem programmes and so on. Please have a look at the links below for more information on the services provided.

FeesThe government has introduced tuition fees for students from outside the European Union starting their study in Baden-Württemberg from winter semester 2017/18. This means that non-EU students starting in 2017 or later need to pay 1,500 Euro per semester.
Living Expenses
  1. Administrative fee: ~ 160 € each semester
  2. Health insurance: ~ 80 € each month
  3. Rent: approximally 300 € each month
  4. Public transportation (semester ticket): ~ 120 € each semester
  5. General cost of living (depending on the lifestyle): 400 € each month
For a more detailed overview, please consult this page.
Financial AssistanceUlm University does not provide scholarships for incoming students. Please check the DAAD Website.
Proof of financial resourcesMany German embassies require students to prove that they dispose of a specific amount of money (approx. 8000 €) on a German bank account before a visa will be issued. Please inquire at the German embassy in your country for specific requirements.