Ulm Economics programme scores well in the categories of study entry phase and career preparation
New CHE university ranking published

Ulm University

Students give Ulm University’s Economics bachelor’s degree programme a great review. In the current ranking list compiled by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE), surveyed students award particularly good marks in the areas of practical orientation and career preparation. The ranking list is compiled in cooperation with the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and also appears in the new ZEIT Students’ Guide.

The Economics programme at Ulm University performs particularly well in the area of support in the study entry phase, achieving 14 out of 16 possible points in this category, and thus making it to the top group in the recently published ranking. Support during the study entry phase includes, for instance, mentor programmes that match up first-year students with higher-level students. Other offers include business planning games, courses to acquire subject-specific skills and the university training camp “Fit in Mathematics”, which is held before the degree programme officially gets started.

Students also give an excellent score in the area of career preparation (4.4 out of 5 stars), a value that is significantly higher than for the other universities evaluated (average: 3.7 stars).

In the areas of IT infrastructure and study organisation, students also expressed their satisfaction (4.6 out of 5 stars for each category). Overall, Ulm University achieves a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars for all 14 indicators reflected by the student reviews.

“I am very pleased that the modern realignment of our programme, under the slogan of ‘Economics for the 21st Century”, has been so well received by the students. One example is the new project course Data Science, in which students address intriguing economic questions on the basis of real data at an early stage in their studies, acquiring valuable skills for an increasingly digitalised world”, says Professor Stefan Funken, dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics at Ulm University.

For its university ranking, the CHE has been collecting facts and information on study programmes, teaching and research at German universities and universities of applied science for 25 years. Student surveys are also included.

This year, the Centre for Higher Education evaluated the subjects of business administration, law, social work, business studies, business informatics, industrial engineering, business psychology, business law and economics. The results are now published with stars as evaluating marks.

The CHE ranking is part of the new online portal “HeyStudium”, which consolidates information on studying and the study entry phase from CHE, ZEIT and the Higher Education Compass provided by the German Rectors’ Conference (Hochschuldrektorenkonferenz, HRK).

The review also appears in the latest edition of the ZEIT Students’ Guide.

Text and mediacontact: Daniela Stang
Translation: Kate Gaugler

According to the student reviews in the new CHE ranking list, Ulm University is a great place to study. (Symbolic image: Elvira Eberhardt / Uni Ulm)
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