Our Research


Financial services and their mathematical methods

[Translate to english:] Graphiken zu Finanzdienstleistungen mit Lupe wird eine Kurve vergrößert.

Financial services and markets play a central role in today’s economy. As the past few years have shown, crashes in these markets and problems encountered by central ‘system-relevant’ financial institutions can endanger the prosperity of entire states, ultimately triggering crises in the global economy. It is therefore vital that we fully understand financial markets, their mechanisms and the risks involved. This necessitates the use of complex mathematical models and sophisticated statistical methods, as well as a profound understanding of economic interrelationships.

Mathematical Foundations of Science and Technology

Our research specialisation Mathematical Foundations of Science and Technology includes in particular the state graduate research programme “Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information and Complexity” and establishes interdisciplinary links to computer science, physics and electrical engineering. In the equally interdisciplinary Scientific Computing Centre Ulm (UZWR), research topics such as efficient numerical or stochastic simulation in the areas of flows, strength and structure are addressed, as are optimisation and data mining.

Quantitative economics

Subject of the third focus of research, quantitative economics, are the quantitative foundations of economic decisions in profit and non-profit organizations, with a special emphasis on the research activities and in the areas of risk management and sustainability research building on it.

In cooperation with medicine and psychology, we study behaviour-oriented research questions of economics and management. "Risikomanagement und Versicherung. Analyse-Beurteilung-Entscheidung."