A navigation space for complex business processes

Universität Ulm

PhD Seminar, Markus Hipp, Room: O27/545, Time: 11:15 am, Date: January 24, 2013

A company's business processes are often documented in a static manner, i.e., processes are presented to the user as PDF files or as simple drawings. For complex business processes, e.g., engineering processes from the automotive industry comprising hundreds up to thousands of process steps, such access to processes rather confuses than supports process participants. Also, users have to manually search for process-related information (process information for short), like guidelines, checklists, or best practices. In fact, process information and business processes are typically managed separately. Process management technology is used to manage business processes whereas process information are handled by using, for example, information systems or enterprise content management systems. To overcome this gap, we present a navigation approach for business processes and process information. Our approach allows different users in different roles to navigate in and between complex business processes and related process information.