Q-ADVICE - Quality ADVisory Infrastructure for Collaborative Engineering

Project Description

Using applied research and new perspectives, this project will enable the benefits of automated software engineering to be used in conjunction with software quality management, thereby bringing software development processes to a new level.

The project goals are to develop and apply the Q-ADVICE approach (including the necessary software architecture and infrastructure) to:

  • systematically intertwine quality measures and automated quality rules in automatically-controlled processes
  • automatically and efficiently collect data and metrics about process efficiency and quality analyses
  • dynamically adapt, customize, and optimize processes

A powerful proof-of-concept prototype will be developed using the AristaFlow BPM Suite. The latter provides an adaptive process management technology that enables dynamic process changes during runtime. The AristaFlow BPM Suite has originated from our ADEPT1 and ADEPT2 research projects.

Project Details

Project Team

Prof. Roy Oberhauser
Aalen University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert
Ulm University, Institute of Databases and Information Systems
Gregor Grambow
Ulm University, Institute of Databases and Information Systems



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