DYCHOR - DYnamic CHOReographies


Process-aware information systems have to be frequently adapted in order to deal with business process changes in the real world. One important challenge not adequately addressed so far concerns the evolution of process choreographies, i.e., the change of interactions and message exchanges between the partner processes in a cross-organizational setting. If respective modifications are conducted in an uncontrolled manner, inconsistencies or even errors (e.g., deadlocks) might occur in the sequel. In particular, modifications of private processes performed by a single party may indirectly affect the implementation of the private processes of partners as well. In the DYCHOR (DYnamic CHOReographies) project we elaborate a framework for coping with this fundamental challenge. DYCHOR allows process engineers to detect how changes of a private process may affect its related public view and - if so - how respective changes can be propagated to the public as well as the private processes of partners. To achieve this, DYCHOR exploits the formal semantics of the applied changes and automatically determines the adaptations becoming necessary for the partner processes. As proof-of-concept the main ideas of DYCHOR have been prototypically implemented. Altogether, DYCHOR provides an important contribution towards the realization of adaptive, cross-organizational processes.


  • University of Ulm
    Institute of Databases and Information Systems
  • University of Twente
    Database Group


DYCHOR is a cooperation project which has been running since 2006.


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Rinderle-Ma

Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert

Dr. Andreas Wombacher