One major project goal of this project was to realize a software environment, which supports the component-based development of adaptive, process-aware enterprise applications in a "plug & play" like fashion.

For this we have provided and implemented an adaptive process management system which offers a degree of flexibility and adaptability that goes far beyond the capabilities of current workflow management systems. This process management system has been based on the ADEPT workflow technology (see projects ADEPT1 and ADEPT2). Particularly, the offered functionality allows to develop process-aware information systems orders of magnitudes faster and with much more built-in flexibility than today. Another and probably the most important project goal was to provide this kind of development and execution environment to the industrial partners who use it as platform for application development and for realizing new kinds of enterprise software.


  • Daimler AG
    Research & Development
  • University of Ulm

  • University of Mannheim

  • iPoint

  • Metris

  • WJ & P


  • Federal State of Baden-Württemberg


  • 2004 - 2007

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