Conception and Implementation of a role based Registration in a web-based Modelling Tool

Universität Ulm

BA Abschlussvortrag, Millane Mayer, Ort: online, Datum: 16.07.2024, Zeit: 14:30 Uhr

Imagine wanting to register with a new web-based modelling framework and encounter a confusion and insecure registration process. This is the problem this thesis deals with. The aim is to improve the security and usability of the registration process in the PHILharmonicFlows framework. This is to be achieved by developing a user-friendly registration process interface with clear instructions and helpful error messages. In addition, a password policy will be introduced to increase password strength and password scoring mechanisms will be implemented. These measures should reduce the probability of security breaches and increase user satisfaction. The central problem investigated in this thesis is to analyse the security and usability of the PHILharmonicFlows framework. The aim is to ensure that password security is increased without compromising the usability. One of the biggest challenges is to implement a password policy that is both secure and user-friendly. In addition, the existing framework lacks adequate feedback in case of registration or login errors, which can lead to frustration among users. The main contribution of this work lies in the development of a user-friendly registration interface, the implementation of a password policy to increase password security, the introduction of mechanisms for password evaluation and the improvement of the entire framework through these measures. This work thus makes an important contribution to increasing the security and user-friendliness of the PHILharmonicFlows framework and addresses central challenges in the area of web security and user interaction.