Design and implementation of the FHIR interface for an eHealth platform

Universität Ulm

BA Abschlussvortrag, Ioana - Alexandra Crucerescu, Ort: Online, Datum: 01.08.2023, Zeit: 16:00 Uhr

The pressing need for improvements in healthcare has propelled the research field to explore better, faster, and more advanced solutions to existing healthcare problems and diseases, or even to prevent future complications. Consequently, eHealth has experienced significant growth in the past few years. This paper presents an overview of the evolution of eHealth, focusing particularly on API HTTP request and response format and the use of the HL7 FHIR standard in existing healthcare systems. This paper introduces and familiarizes the reader with the main terms that are discussed, such as health, healthcare, and eHealth, as well as API and the FHIR standard. This grounding in basic concepts aids in understanding the primary objective of this paper: how the APIs format for the request and response are defined based on the FHIR standard. Here, for specific selected APIs, the HTTP requests and responses will be presented, offering a practical understanding of how the FHIR standard can be implemented. Numerous details will be unpacked, such as how data is transmitted from one system to another, from both a macro and micro perspective, and how data transmission occurs based on internet HTTP protocols. The methodology chapter introduces essential tools for developers, which are typically used when implementing an API. These include the MVC code architecture model and the application Postman, which aids in testing the created APIs. Finally, this paper discusses the state of eHealth in our lives and an exploration of the challenges, limitations, but also advantages and limitations of FHIR.