Enabling Personalized Process Schedules with Time-aware Process Views

Universität Ulm

PhD Seminar, Andreas Lanz, Room: O27/545, Time: 4:00 pm, Date: June 12, 2013

In his talk, Andreas Lanz presents an approach to provide personalized schedules based on time-aware process schemas. The approach offers to individual users a comprehensive time-based view on business processes by visualizing them as enhanced Gantt chart. In particular, although the proper handling of temporal constraints (e.g., deadlines and minimum time lags between activities) is crucial for many application domains, existing PAISs vary significantly regarding the support of the temporal perspective of a business process. In previous work, we introduced characteristic time patterns for specifying the temporal perspective of PAISs. However, time-aware process schemas might be complex and hard to understand for end-users. To enable their proper visualization, therefore, this talk introduces an approach for transforming time-aware process schemas into enhanced Gantt charts. Based on this, a method for creating personalized process schedules using process views is suggested. Overall, the presented approach enables users to easily understand and monitor time-aware processes in PAISs.