Enabling Schema Evolution in Object-aware Process Management Systems

Universität Ulm

PhD Seminar, Carolina Chiao, Ort: O27/5202, Datum: 27.02.2015, Zeit: 10:30 Uhr

In general, business processes may evolve for several reasons; e.g., due to changes in the business, technological environment, or legal context. Consequently, business process changes need to be rapidly mapped to the process-aware information systems (PAIS) implementing these processes. While the complete process lifecycle support (including process evolution) is well understood in traditional activity-centric process management systems (PrMS), it has been neglected in object-aware PrMS so far. Due to the tight integration of processes and data, changes of the data and process schemas must be handled in an integrated way. In other words, the evolution of the data schema might affect the process schema and vice versa. In particular, respective dependencies might become complex when taking the data model and the different levels of process granularity as well as authorization constraints into account.

In this talk, details on the problem definition as well as the major challenges on changing an object-aware process schema will be presented. Moreover, along with running examples and change scenarios, ideas on how to solve the problem first on the static level will be discussed.