Instantiable Compliance Rule Graphs

Universität Ulm

DBIS-Kolloquium, Linh Thao Ly, Ort: O27/545, Termin: 22.07.2010, 10:00 Uhr

For enterprises it has become crucial to check compliance of their business processes with certain rules such as medical guidelines or nancial regulations. When automating compliance checks on process models, existing approaches have mainly addressed process-specic compliance rules so far, i.e., rules that correspond to a particular process model. However, in practice, we will rather nd process-independent compliance rules that are nevertheless to be checked over process models. Thus, in this paper, we present an approach that enables the instantiation and verication of process-independent compliance rules over process models using domain models. For this, we provide an intuitive visualization of compliance rules and compliance rule instances at user level and show how rules and instances can be formalized and verified at system level.