The Next Step in Information Logistics – Effectively Aligning Enterprise Information with Business Processes

Universität Ulm

PhD Seminar, Bernd Michelberger, Room: O27/545, Time: 2:00 pm, Date: December 12, 2013

Today's knowledge workers are confronted with a high load of heterogeneous information making it difficult for them to identify the information relevant for performing their tasks. Particularly challenging is thereby the alignment of process-related information (process information for short), such as e-mails, office files, forms, checklists, guidelines, and best practices, with business processes and their tasks. Our approach to bridge this gap is Process-Oriented Information Logistics (POIL). POIL enables the process-oriented and context-aware delivery of relevant process information to knowledge workers. Goal is to provide the right process-related information, in the right format and quality, at the right place, at the right point in time to the right process participants. In this talk, we present major technical concepts underlying our POIL approach.