Visualizing Bibliometric Data: Methods, Concepts, Implementation

Universität Ulm

BA Abschlussvortrag, Alexander Dangelmaier, Ort: online, Datum: 14.07.2021, Zeit: 13:00 Uhr

Performing bibliometric analysis to quantitatively assess a large number of scientific publications, for example, to identify research trends, generates a large set of metrics. The latter must be understandable and interpretable. Visual representations can support this process. In this thesis, concepts for the visual representation of bibliometric data are described. Developed visualizations allow interactively displaying various bibliometric metrics, such as the publication quantity over certain periods of time, and can improve the handling and comparability of such metrics. Furthermore, a web-based prototype was developed, which implements a set of visualizations. Therefore, interactive elements allow the visualizations to be customized.