Cognitive Solutions for Mobile Guidance, Assessment and Crowd Sensing

The students are able to elicit the fundamental requirements of a cognitive agent, companion or app for a particular application scenario with a specific focus on mobile user guidance, mobile assessment and/or mobile data collection. The students can apply fundamental design principles for cognitive systems to properly develop an agent, companion or app that meets the requirements of the considered application scenario properly. Furthermore, they are able to demonstrate the practical benefit of this cognitive system as well as to discuss its strengths and limitations with domain experts.

Module Manual


The Kick-Off meeting will take place on Wednesday, 16th at October 10am in room O27/545.


Cognitive mobile agents, companions, and apps shall assist humans in both professional and private life. In practice, a wide range of use cases in various application domains (e.g. healthcare, logistics, sports) can be supported by such cognitive systems. In the project, the students will investigate a particular application scenario and elaborate alternative ways of enabling mobile user guidance, assessment and/or data collection for it. Furthermore, they will design proper user interfaces and interaction concepts for these alternatives and then implement a cognitive mobile agent, companion or app to demonstrate one of them in detail.

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4 semester hours, 8 ECTS


Every summer term