Cognitive Agents, Companions, and Mobile Apps in Healthcare

The students acquire basic knowledge in searching for and dealing with scientific literature (evaluation competencies). They are able to analyze specific literature as well as to develop strategies to search for additional literature from selected sources, extract the key messages, analyze the papers, and evaluate them (evaluation and presentation competencies). The students practice scientific discourse and discussion of scientific content.

The colloquium discusses sophisticated topics related to cognitive software applications. In particular, the focus is on cognitive agents, companions, and mobile apps in healthcare. At the beginning of the colloquium, basic literature will be presented and the students select a particular topic. After the introductory reading phase, additional literature will be selected and studied subsequently (literature search). The students prepare and present their theme in a ’spotlight’. A summary document will be prepared and distributed among the other participants. A final extended colloquium presentation is delivered, each of which will be discussed in the greater audience. The written summary papers serve as basis to prepare the discussion. Literature: A set of papers will be selected with reference to the specific thematic focus of the seminar.


Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert


Marc Schickler

Zeit und Ort

Blockveranstaltung am Ende vom Semester.


2 SWS - 4 ECTS




Cognitive Systems, Master
Interdisciplinary Subject Cognitive agents