The SAT Solving Workgroup (SAT SQUAD)

 This page accompanies the research on the "Propositional Satisfiability Problem" (SAT), performed by Oliver Gableske, Adrian Balint and Michael Henn, and others.

Latest News

  • 7. April 2011 - The new EagleUP paper draft can be found here. The corresponding source-code of the SAT solver EagleUP can be found here.
  • 8. February 2010 - The new SATUN paper draft (extended version) can be downloaded here. The corresponding source-code of the hybrid SAT solver SATUN can be fonud here.
  • 6. July 2009 - The slides from the SAT 2009 conference are available here (to play the animation you will need the XviD codec)
  • 3. July 2009 - hybridGM3 wins Bronze in the category Random (SAT) at the SAT 2009  Competition
  • 12. April 2009 - Uploaded all sources of the last version of hybridGM
  • 11. April 2009 - The calculations for the SAT 2009 Conference paper have been finished.
  • 09. April 2009 - The SAT Solving Workgroup homepage went online.


Here you can find downloads that belong to our work.


Adrian Balint, Michael Henn, Oliver Gableske
A novel approach to combine a SLS- and a DPLL-solver for the satisfiability problem
in Springer LNCS 5584 p.284