Hotel and travel information (GradientFlowsPDEs winter school)

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Hotels in Ulm

We can recommend the following hotels in Ulm. The roundabout prices specified are per night (according to Google, as of 2019-10-03). Ulm can be quite busy in the Christmas season as it has a nice Christmas market (also starting on 25.11.) in front of the cathedral that attracts many visitors:

  • Goldenes Rad (full)
  • Hotel Bäumle (full)
  • B&B Hotel Ulm (from 70 €)
    Close to line 2 and to Ehinger Tor (a public transport hub), not far from the centre.
  • ibis Ulm City Hotel (from 80 €)
    Next to line 2 and close to the centre.
  • Hotel am Rathaus (from 60 € for a shared bathroom option)
  • ibis budget Ulm City (from 50 €)
  • Comfor Hotel & Appartement Ulm (from 95 €)
  • Ulmer Münster Hotel (from 70 €)
    Really close to the Münster, i.e. Ulm's cathedral. Some people might not like the ringing of the cathedral's bells during the night.
  • Centro Hotel Stern (from 70 €)
    Convenient location, close to city center and line 2.
  • Economy-Hotel Ulm (from 70 €)
    Caveat: There is not only big shopping malls and discounters in the same street (Blaubeurer Straße), but also red-light district establishments...
  • Hotel Garni Lehrertal (from 75 €)
    Basic and not that close to the centre any more, but close to line 2.

There is many more good options that we don't list here. Also Hotels in Neu-Ulm can be suitable, depending on location. Public transport in Ulm/Neu-Ulm (DING) is frequent and reliable. The tram line 2 is the quickest way to get to Ulm University from the city, and it is not hard to get to line 2 from almost anywhere in the city. There is good smartphone apps that cover public transport in Ulm: the official DING app, and the Öffi app (only Android).

Airports and travel

In case you travel by plane, there are several suitable airports in a comfortable distance to Ulm: Stuttgart (STA), Munich (MUC), Memmingen (FMM) or Frankfurt (FRA). While Frankfurt is the biggest of the airports, it is also the one furtherst from Ulm and the train ride of 2:20 h is the most expensive (74 € for an undiscounted full-price ticket). For more information please have a look at this website with comprehesive information about travelling to Ulm University.