Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 10, 2005

  • W. Arendt, C. Batty:
    Forms, functional calculus, cosine functions and perturbation
  • W. Arendt, R. Chill, S. Fornaro, C. Poupaud:
    Lp-maximal regularity for non-autonomous evolution equations
  • W. Arendt, G.R. Goldstein, J.A. Goldstein:
    Outgrowths of Hardy's Inequality
  • S. Baron, E. Liflyand, U. Stadtmüller:
    Summability properties of the Fourier integrals of functions of bounded variation
  • R. Chill, E. Fašangová, G. Metafune, D. Pallara:
    The sector of analyticity of nonsymmetric submarkovian semigroups generated by elliptic operators
  • R. Chill, M.A. Jendoubi:
    Convergence to steady states of solutions of non-autonomous heat equations in RN
  • G. Da Prato, A. Lunardi:
    On a class of degenerate elliptic operators in L1 spaces with respect to invariant measures
  • D. Di Giorgio, A.F.M. ter Elst:
    On multi-commutators and sums of squares of generators of one parameter groups
  • O. Došlý, W. Kratz:
    A Sturmian separation theorem for symplectic difference systems
  • E. Feireisl, A. Novotný:
    Large time behaviour of flows of compressible, viscous, and heat conducting fluids
  • V. Galdino, U. Schlotterbeck:
    Shuffle of cards
  • G.R. Goldstein:
    Derivation and physical interpretation of gernal boundary conditions
  • T. Granucci:
    Real representation theorems, integrated semigroups on Fréchet spaces and applications
  • M.A. Jendoubi:
    Convergence vers l'équilibre des solutions globales et bornées de quelques problémes d'évolution
  • V. Keyantuo, M. Warma:
    The wave equation with Wentzell-Robin boundary conditions on Lp-spaces
  • M. Kunze:
    Approximation and closedness of sectorial forms
  • A.K. Lerner and E. Liflyand:
    Multidimensional Hausdorff operators in the real Hardy space
  • E. Liflyand, E. Ournycheva:
    Double smoothness conditions for integrability of the Fourier transform
  • T. Matolcsi, M. Matolcsi, T. Tasnádi:
    Abstract mathematical treatment of relativistic phenomena
  • P.J. Miana:
    Dirichlet and Féjer operators defined by cosine functions and C0-groups
  • M. Miranda Jr, D. Pallara, F. Paronetto, M. Preunkert:
    Heat semigroup and functions of bounded variation on riemannian manifolds
  • S. Monniaux:
    Navier-Stokes equations in 3D non smooth domains: the Fujita-Kato scheme
  • D. Mugnolo:
    Asymptotics of semigroups generated by operator matrices
  • D. Mugnolo:
    Damped second order problems with dynamical boundary conditions
  • E. Pflügel:
    A root-free splitting-lemma for systems of linear differential equations
  • L. Poul:
    Large-time behaviour of solutions to quasilinear parabolic equations on a half-line
  • M. Röger, R. Schätzle:
    On a modified conjecture of De Giorgi