Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 13, 2008

  • Charles J.K. Batty and Thomas Duyckaerts
    Non-uniform stability for bounded semi-groups on Banach spaces, p. 1
  • Joachim von Below and José A. Lubary
    Isospectral infinite graphs and networks and infinite eigenvalue multiplicities, p. 13
  • Jens Bolte and Sebastian Endres
    The trace formula for quantum graphs with general self adjoint boundary conditions, p. 27
  • Stefano Bonaccorsi and Delio Mugnolo
    Long-time behavior of stochastically perturbed neuronal networks, p. 51
  • Dieter Bothe
    Perturbed nonlinear evolutions under time-dependent constraints, p. 67
  • Stefano Cardanobile
    The strong maximum principle on infinite networks, p. 81
  • Moritz Helias, Stefan Rotter, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, and Markus Diesmann
    Structural plasticity controlled by calcium based correlation detection, p. 91
  • Manfred Jaeger, Andrea Passerini, and Paolo Frasconi
    Feature Discovery with Type Extension Trees, p. 121
  • Sebastian Lück, Michael Beil, Frank Fleischer, Stéphanie Portet, Wolfgang Arendt, and Volker Schmidt
    The Laplacian in a stochastic model for spatiotemporal reaction systems, p. 133
  • Olaf Post
    Generalised discrete Laplacians on graphs and their relation to quantum graphs, p. 145
  • Roland Schnaubelt and Mark Veraar
    Structurally damped plate and wave equations with random point force in arbitrary space dimensions, p. 175
  • Yoshihiro Shibata
    On Some Stability Theorems of the Navier-Stokes Equations and Related Topics, p. 195
  • Frank Steiner
    Solution of the Friedmann equation determining the time evolution, acceleration and the age of the Universe, p. 231
  • Hans Zwart
    Admissible operators and calculus, p. 249