Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 16, 2011

  • Wolfgang Arendt and A. F. M. ter Elst
    From forms to semigroups
  • Wolfgang Arendt and A. F. M. ter Elst
    Diffusion determines the compact manifold
  • Joyce Assaad and El Maati Ouhabaz
    Riesz transforms of Schrödinger operators on manifolds
  • Charles Batty, Junaid Mubeen, and Imre Vörös
    Bounded H^∞-calculus for strip-type operators
  • Fatih Bayazit
    Evolution families for nonautonomous difference equations
  • Joachim von Below and José A. Lubary
    Eigenvalue multiplicities and asymptotics for second order elliptic operators on networks
  • Alexander Borichev and Yuri Tomilov
    Boundary uniqueness of harmonic functions and spectral subspaces of operator groups
  • Sahbi Boussandel, Ralph Chill, and Eva Fašangová
    Maximal regularity, the local inverse theorem, and local well-posedness for the curve shortening flow
  • Marco Bramanti, Michele Miranda Jr, and Diego Pallara
    Some properties of BV functions on Carnot groups related to the heat semigroup
  • Claudio Cacciapuoti
    Graph-like asymptotics for the Dirichlet Laplacian in connected tubular domains
  • Ralph Chill and Mahamadi Warma
    A Riesz type representation for lower semi-continuous, monotone, local functionals on C_c(X)^+
  • Michal Chovanec
    Gaussian estimates for degenerate diffusion
  • Daniel Daners
    Krahn’s proof of the Rayleigh conjecture revisited
  • Robert Denk and Tobias Nau
    Discrete Fourier multipliers and cylindrical boundary value problems
  • Tanja Eisner and Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács
    On the Entangled Ergodic Theorem
  • Omar El-Mennaoui, Valentin Keyantuo, and Hafida Laasri
    Infinitesimal product of semigroups
  • A.F.M. ter Elst and E.M. Ouhabaz
    Partial Gaussian bounds for degenerate differential operators
  • Galina Filipuk
    Linear and nonlinear special functions and middle convolution
  • Moritz Gerlach and Robin Nittka
    A new proof of Doob’s theorem
  • Alexander Gomilko, Markus Haase, and Yuri Tomilov
    On rates in mean ergodic theorems
  • Markus Haase
    Transference Principles for Semigroups and a Theorem of Peller
  • Markus C. Kunze
    Martingale problems on Banach spaces — Existence, uniqueness and the Markov property
  • Máté Matolcsi
    A Fourier analytic approach to the problem of mutually unbiased bases
  • Delio Mugnolo, Robin Nittka, and Olaf Post
    Convergence of sectorial operators on varying Hilbert spaces
  • Delio Mugnolo and René Pröpper
    Gradient systems on networks
  • Z. A. Sobirov and S. Abdinazarov
    Cauchy Problem for for some high order generalization of Korteweg - de Vries equation
  • Three-lines Proofs