Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 3, 1998

  • D. V. Anosov:
    A simple counterexample to the Fuchsian version of the Hilbert 21st problem and a related class of monodromy representations.
  • W. Arendt:
    Does diffusion determine the body?
  • W. Arendt, C. J. K. Batty:
    Slowly oscillating solutions of Cauchy problems with countable spectrum.
  • W. Arendt, Ph. Bénilan:
    Wiener regularity and heat semigroups on spaces of continuous functions.
  • W. Balser:
    Some remarks, examples, and questions concerning summability of formal factorial series.
  • W. Balser, M. Miyake:
    Summability of formal solutions of certain partial differential equations.
  • C. J. K. Batty, R. Chill, J. M. A. M. van Neerven:
    Asymptotic behaviour of C0-semigroups with bounded local resolvents.
  • C. J. K. Batty, S. B. Yeates:
    Extensions of semigroups of operators.
  • M. Blake:
    A spectral bound for asymptotically norm-continuous semigroups.
  • S. Brendle, R. Nagel, J. Poland. On the spectral mapping theorem for perturbed strongly continuous semigroups.
  • V. Casarino, S. Piazzera:
    On the asymptotic behaviour of perturbed semigroups.
  • A. F. M. ter Elst, D. W. Robinson:
    Second-order subelliptic operators on Lie groups II: real measurable principal coefficients.
  • M. Hieber, S. Monniaux:
    Heat kernels and maximal Lp-Lq-estimates: the non-autonomous case.
  • M. Hieber, S. Monniaux:
    Pseudo-differential operators and maximal regularity results for non-autonomous parabolic equations.
  • R. Hilscher:
    A unified approach to continuous and discrete linear Hamiltonian systems via the calculus on time scales.
  • B. Huisken:
    Parabolic Monge-Ampère equations with a weak coercive term and a barrier condition on Riemannian manifolds.
  • W. Kratz:
    On optimal constants for best two-dimensional simultaneous Diophantine approximations.
  • F. Kühnemund, M. Wacker:
    Counterexample to the Lie-Trotter product formula.
  • P. Kunstmann. Heat kernel estimates and Lp spectral independence of elliptic operators:
  • Ch. Le Merdy:
    Joint functional calculus on nuclear C∗-algebras and on the disc algebra.
  • H. Maier:
    Probability theory, differential-delay equations and functional analysis in analytic number theory.
  • S. Monniaux:
    Uniqueness of mild solutions of the Navier-Stokes equation and maximal Lp-regularity.
  • R. Picard:
    Evolution equations as operator equations in lattices of Hilbert spaces.
  • S. Schweiker:
    Mild solutions of second order differential equations on the line.
  • U. Stadtmüller, R. Trautner:
    Continuity theorems and ratio-Tauberian theorems for integral transforms.
  • P. Takac, L. Tello, M. Ulm:
    Variational problems with a p-homogeneous energy.
  • Y. Tomilov:
    A resolvent approach to stability of operator semigroups.
  • M. Ulm:
    Strict convexity of the spectral bound for matrices.