Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 7, 2002

  • M.Abouabassi, A.Driouich, O.El-Mennaoui:
    Order continuity of the transition semigroup in Banach spaces
  • W.Arendt, D.Daners:
    Uniform convergence of elliptic problems on varying domains
  • W.Arendt, G.Metafune, D.Pallara, S.Romanelli:
    The Laplacian with Wentzell-Robin boundary conditions on spaces of continuous functions
  • J.-P.Aubin, D.Pujal, P.Saint-Pierre:
    Dynamic management of portfolios with transaction costs under tychastic uncertainty
  • W.Balser:
    Summability of formal power series solutions of partial differential equations with constant coefficients
  • W.Balser:
    Multisummability of formal power series solutions of partial differential equations with constant coefficients
  • M.Biegert, M.Warma:
    Removable singularities for a Sobolev space
  • M.Biegert, M.Warma:
    Sobolev functions whose weak trace at the boundary is zero
  • M.Bochniak, M.Borsuk:
    Dirichlet problem for linear elliptic equations degenerating at a conical boundary point
  • M.Bohner, O.Dovsly, R.Hilscher, W.Kratz:
    Diagonalization approach to discrete quadratic functionals
  • S.Bu, J.-M.Kim:
    Operator-valued Fourier multiplier theorems on Lp-spaces on Td
  • R.Chill, E.Favsangova:
    Convergence to steady states of solutions of semilinear evolutionary integral equations
  • R.Chill, A.Haraux:
    An optimal estimate for the time singular limit of an abstract wave equation
  • O.El-Mennaoui, S.Thomaschewski:
    Order continuous linear forms on BUC(E)
  • J.Fleckinger:
    On maximum and antimaximum principles
  • M.Haase:
    Spectral properties of operator logarithms
  • A.Henrot, E.Oudet:
    Minimizing the second eigenvalue of the Laplace operator with Dirichlet boundary conditions
  • V.P.Kostov:
    On some aspects of the Deligne-Simpson problem
  • E.Liflyand:
    Asymptotic behavior of the Fourier transform
  • G.Lumer:
    Uniform aspects of pointwise Laplace estimates, stability and one-sided Paley-Wiener type theorems
  • M.Matolcsi:
    On the relation of closed forms and Trotter's product formula
  • G.Metafune, D.Pallara, V.Vespri:
    Lp-estimates for a class of elliptic operators with unbounded coefficients in IR
  • R.V.Shamin:
    Spaces of initial data for differential equations in Hilbert spaces and the Kato problem
  • U.Stadtmüller, A.Tali:
    Strong summability in certain families of summability methods