Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 9, 2004

  • W. Arendt, C. Batty:
    Rank-1 perturbation of cosine functions and semigroups
  • W. Arendt, M. Demuth:
    Hölder's inequality for perturbations of positive semigroups by potentials
  • W. Arendt, G. Metafune, D. Pallara:
    Schrödinger operators with unbounded drift
  • W. Arendt, S. Thomaschewski:
    Local operators and forms
  • W. Balser:
    Birkhoff's reduction problem
  • W. Balser:
    Formal power series solutions of the heat equation in one spatial variable
  • V. Barbu, V.I. Bogachev, G. Da Prato, M. Röckner:
    Weak solutions to the stochastic porous media equation via Kolmogorov equations: the degenerate case
  • M. Biegert, D. Daners:
    Local and global uniform convergence for elliptic problems on varying domains
  • R. Chill, S. Srivastava:
    Lp-maximal regularity for second order Cauchy problems
  • M. Duelli, L. Weis:
    Spectral projections, Riesz transforms and H∞-calculus for bisectorial operators
  • T. Eisner, B. Farkas:
    Weak stability for orbits of C0-semigroups on Banach spaces <lig.r.>:
    Nonlinear parabolic equations with singular coefficient and critical exponent </lig.r.>
  • B. Haak, M. Haase, P.C. Kunstmann:
    Perturbation, interpolation and maximal regularity
  • M. Haase:
    Convexity inequalities for positive operators
  • V. Liskevich, S. Lyakhova, V. Moroz:
    Positive solutions to singular semilinear elliptic equations with critical potential on cone-like domains
  • G. Metafune, C. Spina:
    An integration by parts formula in Sobolev spaces
  • M. Miranda Jr, D. Pallara, F. Paronetto, M. Preunkert:
    Short-time heat flow and functions of bounded variation in RN
  • N.K. Nikolski:
    Condition numbers of large matrices and analytic capacities
  • P. Vitse:
    A Besov class functional calculus for bounded holomorphic semigroups
  • P. Vitse:
    A band limited and Besov class functional calculus for Tadmor-Ritt operators
  • M. Warma:
    Robin and Wentzell-Robin Laplacians on Lipschitz domains
  • M. Warma:
    Schauder estimates for solutions to Robin boundary value problems