Analysis and Improvement of an existing web based Integration Dashboard

Universität Ulm

BA Abschlussvortrag, Benedikt Stocker, Ort: Online, Datum: 17.11.2020, Zeit: 14:30

The BMW Continuous Integration system (BCI) is a Continuous Integration tool built in-house by the BMW Group which provides build and test automation or monitoring to many software projects within the company. In order to visualize the integration status, the BCI provides its customers with an integration dashboard which visualizes the current status of a software project. During the course of the thesis, this integration dashboard will be analyzed by interviewing the users and measuring the performance. Based on this analysis, it will then be improved by refactoring the underlying architecture, reducing the loading time and implementing requirements derived from the user interviews. After the necessary changes have been realized the users will reevaluate the dashboard a second time and the performance will be measured again. The thesis will highlight the improvements implemented in the new dashboard version by explaining the interview process followed by the implementation phase. In conclusion, the thesis illustrates a significant gain in performance and user satisfaction which proves the success of the project conducted during this thesis.