Development of a Rule-based Smart Notification Service

Universität Ulm

MA-Abschlussvortrag, Tobias Müller, Ort: Online, Datum: 22.06.2022, Zeit: 11:00 Uhr

With more and more parts of our live getting digitized, the number of notifications rises, that arrive at an inopportune moment interrupting the work of the user. This thesis investigates a possibility to handle notifications in a multi device environment. We implemented a prototype of a multi device smart notification system. The system uses rules to allow, block, or postpone notifications to an opportune moment for the user. As part of the system, we developed an Android application as a client. Android is currently the only operating system that allows to capture and delete notifications from the notification drawer. It suggests the rules based on the past behaviour of the user, making the system adaptable to changes. Furthermore, the user can create their own rules too. The system also synchronizes all notifications across all logged in devices of the user. With the developed system, the user can read their notifications on the device of their choosing, block annoying notifications, or postpone notifications to an opportune moment.