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Unser Institut beschäftigt sich mit Themen wie Skalierbarkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, Sicherheit und Datenschutz, Selbstorganisation und Beherrschbarkeit von Komplexität in Verteilten Systemen in einer Vielzahl von Einsatzszenarien wie Cloud-Computing oder Fahrzeug-Fahrzeug-Kommunikation.

In der Lehre decken wir das gesamte Spektrum von Rechnernetzen, über verteilte Systeme bis hin zu Sicherheit und Privacy-Schutz ab.

Unsere letzten Publikationen

Mödinger, David; Kopp, Henning; Kargl, Frank; Hauck, Franz J.
A Flexible Network Approach to Privacy of Blockchain Transactions
Proc. of the 38th IEEE Int. Conf. on Distrib. Comp. Sys. (ICDCS) , Seite 1486-1491.
Herausgeber: IEEE,
Juli 2018

Zusammenfassung: For preserving privacy, blockchains can be equipped with dedicated mechanisms to anonymize participants. How- ever, these mechanism often take only the abstraction layer of blockchains into account whereas observations of the underlying network traffic can reveal the originator of a transaction request. Previous solutions either provide topological privacy that can be broken by attackers controlling a large number of nodes, or offer strong and cryptographic privacy but are inefficient up to practical unusability. Further, there is no flexible way to trade privacy against efficiency to adjust to practical needs. We propose a novel approach that combines existing mechanisms to have quantifiable and adjustable cryptographic privacy which is further improved by augmented statistical measures that prevent frequent attacks with lower resources. This approach achieves flexibility for privacy and efficency requirements of different blockchain use cases.

Matousek, Matthias; Bösch, Christoph; Kargl, Frank
Poster: Privacy-Preserving Decision Trees
Privacy in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Workshop at ICML 2018
Juli 2018
Lukaseder, Thomas; Fiedler, Jessika; Kargl, Frank
Performance Evaluation in High-Speed Networks by the Example of Intrusion Detection Systems
11. DFN-Forum Kommunikationstechnologien,
Juni 2018
Matousek, Matthias; Yassin, Mahmoud; Al-Momani, Ala'a; van der Heijden, Rens W.; Kargl, Frank
Robust Detection of Anomalous Driving Behavior
IEEE 87th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC)
Juni 2018
Mödinger, David; Kopp, Henning; Kargl, Frank; Hauck, Franz J.
Towards Enhanced Network Privacy for Blockchains
Short research statement for the DSN Workshop on Byzantine Consensus and Resilient Blockchains (BCRB)
Juni 2018

Zusammenfassung: Privacy aspects of blockchains have gained attention as the log of transactions can be view by any interested party. Privacy mechanisms applied to the ledger can be undermined by attackers on the network level, resulting in deanonymization of the transaction senders. We discuss current approaches to this problem, e.g. Dandelion, sketch our own approach to provide even stronger privacy mechanisms and discuss the challenges and open questions for further research in this area.

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