Institut für Verteilte Systeme

Unser Institut beschäftigt sich mit Themen wie Skalierbarkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, Sicherheit und Datenschutz, Selbstorganisation und Beherrschbarkeit von Komplexität in Verteilten Systemen in einer Vielzahl von Einsatzszenarien wie Cloud-Computing oder Fahrzeug-Fahrzeug-Kommunikation.

In der Lehre decken wir das gesamte Spektrum von Rechnernetzen, über verteilte Systeme bis hin zu Sicherheit und Privacy-Schutz ab.

Unsere letzten Publikationen

Erb, Benjamin; Meißner, Dominik; Habiger, Gerhard; Pietron, Jakob; Kargl, Frank
Consistent Retrospective Snapshots in Distributed Event-sourced Systems
Proceedings of the International Conference on Networked Systems 2017
März 2017

Zusammenfassung: An increasing number of distributed, event-based systems adopt an architectural style called event sourcing, in which entities keep their entire history in an event log. Event sourcing enables data lineage and allows entities to rebuild any previous state. Restoring previous application states is a straightforward task in event-sourced systems with a global and totally ordered event log. However, the extraction of causally consistent snapshots from distributed, individual event logs is rendered non-trivial due to causal relationships between communicating entities. High dynamicity of entities increases the complexity of such reconstructions even more. We present approaches for retrospective and global state extraction of event-sourced applications based on distributed event logs. We provide an overview on historical approaches towards distributed debugging and breakpointing, which are closely related to event log-based state reconstruction. We then introduce and evaluate our approach for non-local state extraction from distributed event logs, which is specifically adapted for dynamic and asynchronous event-sourced systems.

Kopp, Henning; Mödinger, David; Bösch, Christoph; Hauck, Franz; Kargl, Frank
PriCloud: A Distributed File Storage with Financial Incentives
Poster at 1st ForDigital Blockchain Workshop
Februar 2017
Darcier, Marc C.; König, Hartmut; Cwalinski, Radoslaw; Kargl, Frank
Security Challenges and Opportunities of Software-Defined Networking
IEEE Security & Privacy, vol. 15,
Darcier, Marc C.; Dietrich, Sven; Kargl, Frank; König, Hartmut
Network Attack Detection and Defense (Dagstuhl Seminar 16361)
Dagstuhl Report,
Kopp, Henning; Mödinger, David; Hauck, Franz J.; Kargl, Frank; Bösch, Christoph
Design of a Privacy-Preserving Decentralized File Storage with Financial Incentives
Proc. of IEEE Security & Privacy on the Blockchain (IEEE S&B) (affiliated with EUROCRYPT 2017)
Herausgeber: IEEE,
ISBN: 978-1-5386-2244-5

Zusammenfassung: Surveys indicate that users are often afraid to entrust data to cloud storage providers, because these do not offer sufficient privacy. On the other hand, peer-2-peer–based privacy-preserving storage systems like Freenet suffer from a lack of contribution and storage capacity, since there is basically no incentive to contribute own storage capacity to other participants in the network. We address these contradicting requirements by a design which combines a distributed storage with a privacy-preserving blockchain-based payment system to create incentives for participation while maintaining user privacy. By following a Privacy-by-Design strategy integrating privacy throughout the whole system life cycle, we show that it is possible to achieve levels of privacy comparable to state-of-the-art distributed storage technologies, despite integrating a payment mechanism. Our results show that it is possible to combine storage contracts and payments in a privacy-preserving way. Further, our system design may serve as an inspiration for future similar architectures.

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