MaWi Summer Camp 2023

Ulm University

Inspiring Insights at the MaWi Summer Camp 2023: Students Dive into Mathematics and Economics

A week-long adventure into the world of mathematics and economics awaited high school students at this year's MaWi Summer Camp. With an enthusiastic response, more than 30 eager participants gathered to get a taste of the diverse fields of study in mathematics and economics through various workshops.

The MaWi Summer Camp provided a unique opportunity for potential future students to delve deeper into the realms of mathematics and economics. Throughout the week, participants engaged in workshops that covered a wide spectrum of topics. From data science and assessing vaccine effectiveness to insurance risk calculation and the ant algorithm – mathematical modeling and simulation took center stage.

A special highlight was the fascinating world of the Rubik's Cube mathematics, which even featured a small contest to add excitement. Participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the multifaceted content of the programs and explore their differences. In addition to interactive workshops, they had ample time to engage in discussions with students, lecturers, and academic advisors, including a barbecue event.

The week of the MaWi Summer Camp not only provided valuable insights into the worlds of mathematical and economic studies but also a unique opportunity to connect with students and lecturers. The event proved to be an all-encompassing informative and engaging experience.

The positive feedback and active participation in the MaWi Summer Camp 2023 underline the growing interest in mathematics and economics among high school students.

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