Events for School Students and Prospective Students

Info and Taster Sessions

  • Subject-specific Info Sessions

    Choosing the right studies and professional career is not easy. A lot of young people cannot find an appropriate answer to these questions after graduation from school and even after military service, volunteer service or au pair stay.

    No wonder, many students are unhappy with their studies. As a result, they consider changing the subject or even dropping out. However, decisions that are not thought-out properly often have to be revised – sooner or later. One reason for this situation is the lack of information about course content, study curriculum and requirements.

    In view of the steadily increasing range of studies, the considerable number of different selection procedures it is vital to obtain the relevant information in time. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to get to know Ulm University, the individual courses including their content, their goals and potential professional fields.   

    Dates & Registration

  • Fit for Presentations, Assignments and Seminar Papers

    If your children or younger brothers and sisters need useful hints concerning literature research for scientific or seminar papers or if you think Google and Wikipedia do not always give the smartest answers, then you have come to the right place. The Library Services of Ulm University offer the course "Fit for Presentations, Assignments and Seminarpapers" which is basically intended for grammar school students from both federal states. Furthermore, the Library Services give advice on literature research for seminar and scientific papers - of course also individually on demand - during their school students' question time.

    School students are invited to contact the Service-Points during opening hours. For helpful hints concerning research and further information, please see Guidelines for School Students.Fit for Presentations, Assignments and Seminar Papers

  • Modelling Week

    Why does the Segway not fall over? How does the distance control of autonomous vehicles work?

    The Modelling Week that takes place every year during Whitsun holidays (Baden-Wurttemberg) deals with these or similar questions. We invite you to join us in modelling, simulating and experimenting. Get a taste of student life. In special lectures, you will learn about the theoretical background. In addition, you can have a look around the new bachelor's programme Computational Science and Engineering (CSE).

    Modelling Week CSE

  • Online Study Taster (ViSchnu)

    Are you interested in a study programme at Ulm University and would you like to know whether it is suitable for you?

    Our online study taster provides an interactive insight into study content and structure as well as information on study culture and career prospects. ViSchnu helps you to find out whether your ideas and interests correspond to the real course contents.

    The online study taster offers additional support concerning your study choice. It does not have any influence on your application. The test results are exclusively accessible to you.

    We offer the online study taster for the following study programmes:

    • Computational Science and Engineering CSE
    • Management and Economics

    Online Study Taster (ViSchnu)

  • Info Day at Ulm University

    The Info Day provides an overview on study opportunities, an introduction to the specific study programmes and gives insight into the different institutions of Ulm University. What is more, you will gain an impression of future fields and possibilities of employment and prospects for graduates. You can experience science, look over scientists' shoulders and join guided tours through laboratories and institutes.

    Various stands in the lobby of Uni Süd provide information material and offer the opportunity to talk to students and representatives of different fields of study.

    A comprehensive supporting programme offers information on application and selection procedures, study financing, language courses offered at Ulm University and study exchange programmes with partner universities abroad.

    Events for Prospective Students

  • Taster Lecture

    What is studying at Ulm University like? How are course contents taught? How do the facilities look like where students spend their everyday life? Come to the taster lectures and see for yourself!

    The purpose of a taster visit is not to grasp the entire course content. Even students who have been following this specific lecture all semester long sometimes struggle with that. The taster lectures are rather an opportunity for prospective students to get a feeling for the differences to what they know from school, the different speed of teaching and the atmosphere in a lecture hall.

    Events for Prospective Students

Competitions and Support

  • Courses for Talented School Students

    Every school year, Ulm University offers courses for 11th grade grammar school students that are particularly gifted in the field of mathematics and natural sciences.

    The courses are offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics and the Faculty of Computer Sciences (Ulm University) in collaboration with Ms Böh, study director of the Scholl-Gymnasium Ulm (grammar school). Lessons take place at Ulm University once a month, Friday from 16:00 to 20:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00.


  • University for School Students

    We want you to be able to use your special talents for a study programme already during school. School Student University shall give you a career orientation and help you to study faster.

    University for School Students

  • Maths Day

    "Maths Day" is a competition for grammar school students (upper level) who enjoy dealing with mathematical challenges. The event takes place once a year on a Saturday in March and includes a group and an individual contest. Interested participant may register either as a school team or individually.

    To solve mathematical problems you need to have a sound mathematical knowledge acquired at school but also creativity, power of concentration and enjoy puzzling. As part of the programme, professors give interesting insights into their research fields.

    What is more, Maths Day offers accompanying teachers the opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues and lecturers of Ulm University.

    Maths Day

  • School Students Research Centre South Württemberg

    The School Students Research Centre (with locations in Bad Saulgau, Tuttlingen, Überlingen and Ulm) is open for all school students who enjoy mathematics and natural sciences, love to solve physical, chemical or biological brainteasers and like to develop theories and the corresponding experiments. Here young people are encouraged to unfold their skills without any pressure.

    School Students Research Centre

  • No title given

    The Faculty of Mathematics and Economics offers 'Maths for little scientists' as part of the annual programme of the Hector Kinderakademie Alb-Donau-Kreis, where talented primary school students receive holistic talent support.

    Primary school students, 3 rd and 4 th grade: KinderUni