Customer und Marketing Analytics

Harnessing customer and transaction data for business success

In digital markets, a large amount of customer and transaction data is obtained in all phases of the purchasing process, the information content of which is of enormous relevance and benefit to all market participants through suitable analyses. For example, companies can gain key information about customer behavior and preferences as well as the goods reviewed from customer reviews in order to optimize customer relationship management and the product portfolio offered. Detailed information about customer behavior can also be obtained from clickstream data, which can be used to measure effectiveness and efficiency and to target marketing activities.

At the Institute of Business Analytics, research is being conducted into how relevant information can be extracted from customer data, analyzed and used to develop recommendations for action for companies in digital markets. For example, customer reviews are analyzed and, based on this, dialog-oriented online shopping assistants are developed and design recommendations for customer review systems are generated. In addition, new approaches to marketing attribution are developed and implemented together with companies. In the research area Customer and Marketing Analytics, research is both behavioral and design-oriented, using a variety of analytics methods (e.g. text mining, panel data analysis, analytical and numerical optimization models).