Digital platforms and markets

Design and economic impact of digital platforms

New digital technologies such as mobile internet (5G), artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. create many opportunities to develop new digital business models and markets. One example of this are digital platforms, which act as intermediaries between two or more user groups and either represent new business models or serve to make traditional business processes more efficient. In this respect, digital platforms not only hold great economic potential, but also pose disruption risks for traditional companies. Multisided digital markets are the result of changes in the flows of goods, information and money shaped by digital platforms.

At the Institute of Business Analytics we design new digital platforms and analyse their economic effects on the various participants of a platform ecosystem and on society as a whole. Exemplary design options are pricing models, scarcity cues, reputation portability as well as trust-building and regulatory measures. Methodologically, research on digital platforms and markets is primarily based on analytical modelling and experimental data analysis.