Physics Colloquium SS 2021

Time: Monday, 16:15
Format: online via Zoom unless otherwise stated

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Date Speaker / Topic Host


26.04.2021 -  
03.05.2021 -  
10.05.2021 -  

Prof. David Müller (Cornell University, USA):
Imaging the properties of Atoms and Fields at the Atomic Scale inside materials and devices

Prof. Kaiser


31.05.2021 -  
07.06.2021 -  
14.06.2021 Prof. Eva Y. Andrei (Rutgers University, USA):
The Magic of Atomically Thin Crystals
Prof. Kaiser
21.06.2021 -  


Prof. Dr. Marcelo Nollmann, (Centre de Biochimie Structurale, Montpellier, FR):
Highly multiplexed imaging of chromatin in fly embryos
Prof. Michaelis
05.07.2021 Prof. Liedewij Laan, (TU Delft, NL):
More is more: now increasing complexity facilitates adaptability in biochemical networks
Prof. Gebhardt
12.07.2021 Prof. Dr. Patrick Müller (Friedrich-Miescher-Lab, Tübingen):
Robust phenotyping of developmental defects using convolutional neural networks
Prof. Gebahrdt