A call for research visits in the period 01 Nov 2024 - 31 May 2025 is planned for July 2024 (end of call: Sept. 2024), which will be the last of its kind for the forseeable future. So join in!

For congress travel please make us of the mobility programme offered by ProTrainU, open to all faculties.

Funding of research visits (preferably abroad) is available to qualified female junior academics of all faculties within the framework of the Financial Support Programmes for Female Academics (Federal Programme for Women Professors III).


Female junior academics of all faculties.

This includes doctoral candidates (with a completed master or medical degree), post-docs, habilitation candidates and researchers qualified to teach and supervise doctoral/PhD candidates (post-habil). Appointed professors or junior professors are not eligible.

Female academics who have not yet received any funding for research visits from the financial support programmes for female academics are eligible to apply.

A completed degree (Master's degree; third part of the state medical examination) and an employment relationship with Ulm University/University Hospital or a scholarship based there until at least the end of the funding period applied for are required.

For all further requirements please see funding directive.

Research visits (especially abroad) of a maximum duration of three months.

Amount of funding: as required, max. EUR 5,000

Travel costs (e.g. to cover flights, train journeys, visas), host institution fees, accommodation, etc. Daily allowance is paid for a maximum of 14 days only (the latter to be claimed by employees only). 

Research visits with a maximum duration of three months are classified as business trips; the usual travel expense regulations apply.

Settlement and reimbursement is carried out by the University's HR Service, and by the University Hospital‘s HR Service as regards all members of the Medical Faculty.

Submit your application for funding, fully completed and signed (signatures scanned), to Office for Gender Equality (gleichstellungsbeauftragte(at)

  1. application form
  2. statement by academic supervisor (if separate from form)
  3. letter of invitation from host institution
  4. applicant’s CV (max. 2 pages)

Congress travel funds can be applied for via ProTrainU. The Mobility Programme is open to junior academics from all faculties.