Equality Commission

The Equality Commission is a sub-commission of the Senate and advises the Senate on the subject of equality. The Equality Commission is chaired by the gender equality officer; further members are the deputies of the gender equality officer, the faculty gender equality officers, a student representative and the consultants for equal opportunities (in an advisory capacity).

At the faculty level, the gender equality work is represented by the faculty gender equality officers, who come together in the Equality Commission. As delegates of the gender equality officer, they are particularly involved in the committees and appointment procedures at the faculties.

The tasks of the Equality Commission are:

  • Advising the Senate and the Working Group Gender Equality (AG Gleichstellung) on the subject of equality
  • Supporting the faculty management in matters of equality
  • Developing the gender equality plan of Ulm University


Deputies of the Gender Equality Officer

Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology

Faculty of Mathematics and Economics

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Medical Faculty

Equal Opportunities Unit of Ulm University (Student Government StuVe)