International Conference
"Modern Aspects of Structural Chemistry"
05.06.2016 - 07.06.2016
University of Ulm, Ulm

supported by
Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck Foundation


Hotel Stern

18:00 - 20:00 Welcome for participants from abroad

Villa Eberhardt (Universität Ulm),

Heidenheimer Strasse 80

8:30 Registration
9:15 Jürgen Vogt, Natalja Vogt

Session AChairman: Hans-Ullrich Siehl

Peter Schwerdtfeger (Auckland, New Zealand)
"From graphene to graphyne, fullerenes, fulleroides, gaudienes and their golden duals."

10:15A2Anatoly Yagola (Moscow, Russia)
"Inverse problems of vibrational spectroscopy and structural chemistry."
10:35Coffee break
Session BChairman: Wolfgang Hüttner
11:10B1Jean Demaison, Heinz D. Rudolph, and Natalja Vogt (Ulm, Germany)
"Accuracy in spectroscopy."
11:50B2Leonid Surin (Troitsk, Russia and Cologne, Germany)
"Experiment and computation: a combined approach to study the NH3 - H2 van der Waals complex."

Yury Tarasov, Igor Kochikov, and Dmitry Kovtun (Moscow, Russia)
"Some examples of large amplitude dynamics in gas electron diffraction."

12:45Conference photo
13:00Lunch break
Session CChairman: Marwan Dakkouri
14:00C1Norbert Mitzel (Bielefeld, Germany)
"Structural chemistry in different phases: what can we learn about chemical  bonding from experiments with different methods."
14:45C2Denis Tikhonov (Bielefeld, Germany)
"Molecular dynamics and Monte-Carlo simulations in structural investigations of free molecules."
15:30Coffee break
Session DChairman: Gerhard Taubmann
16:00 D1Yury Vishnevskiy (Bielefeld, Germany)
"How experimental are structures refined from gas electron diffraction data?"
16:20D2Gulnara Kuramshina (Moscow, Russia)
"Schemes of correction of quantum mechanical force fields in different coordinates."
19:00Dinner party (outside of University)

Universität Ulm-West

Session EChairman: Jürgen Vogt
10:00E1Ilya Marochkin and Natalja Vogt (Moscow, Russia and Ulm, Germany)
"Equilibrium structure of picolinic acid from gas electron diffraction data and quantum chemical calculations."

Natalja Vogt and Jean Demaison (Ulm, Germany)
"Benchmark study of molecular structures by different experimental methods and coupled-cluster calculations."

10:40E3Ekaterina Altova and Natalja Vogt (Moscow, Russia and Ulm, Germany)
"Molecular structure of orotic acid as studied by gas-phase electron diffraction and quantum chemical calculations."
12:30Lunch break
14:00 Excursion

Organizing Commitee

Jürgen Vogt

Natalja Vogt

Rainer Rudert

Local Commitee

Margit Nägele

Sabine Schlagenhauf

Karola Deutzmann