Price list for MOGADOC 2014/2015*)

Only online access available

Main updates in intervals of one or two years

For universities that already have a licence of MOGADOC:
Update to MOGADOC 2014/2015

  425.-   Euros

Update from MOGADOC 2003 or higher to MOGADOC 2014/2015  155.-   Euros
Update from MOGADOC 2014/2015 to a future release of MOGADOC  155.-   Euros
For universities that licence MOGADOC for the first time:
MOGADOC 2014/2015  820.-   Euros
Update to a future release of MOGADOC

  155.-   Euros

For non-educational users:
MOGADOC 2014/20153500.-   Euros
MOGADOC 2014/2015 (update from MOGADOC 2003 or higher)

1170.-   Euros

additional service fees (for every order):

Germany                                                                                          4.-    Euros
Europe            6.50 Euros
outside Europe         10.-   Euros

Multi-user licences are available on request.

Prices may be subject to slight changes without notice.

*) This release in an update of MOGADOC 2011/2012.