Statistical Search Features

One feature in the MOGADOC database enables statistical analyses, which can be applied either in the same or in different search fields.

An example for the first case is the question with whom a particular author (e.g. M. Winnewisser) has published common papers. After the retrieval of the desired author name in the search mask you have to select the search field Author(s) and click the index button. The complete index is opened and the statistics icon[1] has to be clicked for the statistical analysis. After selecting the maximum size of the resulting index in the drop-down menu [3] and clicking the OK icon, a new index list with M. Winnewisser's co-authors is displayed. In the background the Boolean operator AND is applied. In the resulting list the first column informs about the absolute number of hits, whereas the second column (in parentheses) gives the percentage of hits.

By clicking the search icon (leftmost icon) you can return to the search mask.

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