Compound Hitlist (Review of Hits)

After performing the retrieval in the compound search mask you can display a review of hits. By default the resulting hitlist comprises compound numbers, compound names (only the first one of each entry), the sum formulas in Hill system and the structural formulas of the retrieved compounds.

By clicking the icon [1] ("Display excl./incl. structures") only the compound names are displayed in the hitlist. One can toggle back to the previous style by clicking the icon again.

In general the entries are listed in the same order as they are stored in the database. Since hyperlinks are hidden behind the compound names and structural formulas, the corresponding single document will be displayed in more details after clicking its compound name (here document No. 69).
By labelling appropriate compound names by the checkbox in the second column
and clicking the icon [2] ("Show Marked Documents"), the hitlist can be reduced.
Selected labels can be removed individually and all labels by clicking the
icon [3] ("Remove all Masks").
Moreover, the hitlist can be sorted according to various sorting criteria, by clicking the a-to-z icon ("Sort", [4]).

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