Study Abroad at Ulm University: Engineering

You are registered as a student at a university abroad? And you are interested in completing part of your studies (1-2 semesters) at Ulm University?

This is quite easy to organize, as long as there is a cooperation agreement between your home university and Ulm University. Check out our partner universities:

However, you cannot apply to Ulm University directly. First, you have to apply for a place in the exchange programme at your home university. If you have been selected, you can apply to the International Office of Ulm University.

If there is no cooperation agreement between your home university and Ulm University, you can still apply as a free mover.

Department of Engineering: Teaching and Research
Bachelor's Courses Courses offered for the majors B. Sc. in Engineering, B. Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, B.Sc. in Communications and Computer Engineering. These courses are taught in a regular cycle. The language of instruction is usually German.
Master's Courses Courses offered for the majors M. Sc. in Engineering, M. Sc. in Communications and Computer Engineering and M.Sc. in Communication and Information Technology. The course catalog reflects the research areas of our Department.

Research areas of the Department of Engineering include:

Only a part of our research projects are covered here. Further information can be found on the pages of the individual Institutes.

Contacts International Office

Contacts Engineering

Dr. Werner Teich
Institute of Communications Engineering
Albert-Einstein-Allee 43
89081 Ulm
Room: 43.2.230
Telephone: +49 731 50-26258
Fax: +49 731 50-12-26258

Dr.-Ing. Martin Hitzler
Albert-Einstein-Allee 41
89081 Ulm
Raum 41.2.302
Telefon: 0731 50-26346

Dr.-Ing. Margarita Puentes-Damm
Room: 41.2.102
Telephone: +49 731 50-26006

Prof. Carl E. Krill III, PhD
Erasmus+ Coordinator

Ulm University
Albert-Einstein-Allee 47
89081 Ulm / Germany

Room: Uni-West 47.2.212
Phone:  +49-731-50-25476

Admission requirements

Please note:

In order to attend Master's-level courses, you must have reached the equivalent level in your current studies. This means that, by the time you start at Ulm University, either

  • you must have formally completed a Bachelor's degree, or
  • you must have finished three years of successful study at a university (i.e., completed approx. 180 ECTS).

As a rule of thumb, at the time of your application to Ulm University, you should have earned approx. 150 ECTS.