Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

  • Lucas Engelhardt: From Inverse Dynamics Hand Modeling to Distal Radius Fracture Healing Simulation
    K. Urban (05/2021)

  • Anja Schmidt: Adaptive meshing in two dimensions: refinement, coursing and stability
    (S. Funken, 04/2021)

  • Marcus Heitel: Specific phase space structures in dynamical systems: attracting manifolds in optimal control and separatrix characterization
    (D. Lebiedz, 06/2020)

  • Mazen Ali: Tensor Approximation and Adaptivity within Model Order Reduction
    (K. Urban, 01/2020)

  • Mladjan Radic: Coupled PDE-Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Model Reduction
    (K. Urban, 07/2019)

  • Martin Pietsch: Modelling the Fracture Healing Process with Interface Capturing Techniques
    (K. Urban, 12/2018)

  • Silke Glas: Noncoercive and Parabolic Variational Inequalities Analysis, Applications and Model Reduction
    (K. Urban, 07/2018)

  • Pascal Heiter: Curvature Based Criteria for Slow Invariant Manifold Computation: From Differential Geometry to Numerical Software Implementations for Model Reduction in Hydrocarbon Combustion
    (D.Lebiedz, 03/2017)

  • Antonia Mayerhofer: Reduced Basis Methods for parabolic PDEs with Parameter Functions in High Dimensions and Applications
    (K. Urban, 05/2016)

  • Jonas Unger: On Fundamental Concepts for Model Reduction in Multiscale Combustion Models – Slow Invariant Manifold and Inertial Manifold Computation
    (D. Lebiedz, 2016)

  • Andreas Bantle: On High-Order NURBS-Based Boundary Element Methods in Two Dimensions – Numerical Integration and Implementation
    (S. Funken, 07/2015)

  • Sebastian Steck: Reduced Basis Method for the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation Modeling the Emission Trading System
    (K. Urban, 07/2015)

  • Oliver Zeeb: A numerical framework for semi-automated Reduced Basis Methods with blackbox solvers
    (K. Urban, )

  • Anke Brandner: Optimale Allokation für Voith-Schneider-Propeller im Rahmen des dynamischen Positionierens
    (K. Urban, 04.02.2015)

  • Kristina Steih: Reduced basis methods for time-periodic parametric partial differential equations
    (K. Urban, 17.07.2014)

  • Julia Springer: Multiphase adjoint optimization for efficient calculation of rigid body positions in Navier-Stokes flow
    (K. Urban, 14.07.2014)

  • Ralf Leidenberger: Automatisches Differenzieren in Simulationen
    (K. Urban, 07.07.2014)

  • Dominik Lechler: Numerical Methods in Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment: Aspects of Modelling and Simulation as well as Approaches of Model Order Reduction for SCR Catalytic Converter
    (K. Urban, 16.09.2013

  • Sebastian Kestler: On the Adaptive Tensor Product Wavelet Galerkin Method with Applications in Finance
    (K. Urban, 16.09.2013)

  • Marcel Rehberg: A Numerical Approach to Model Reduction for Optimal Control of Multiscale ODE
    (D. Lebiedz, 12.07.2013)
  • Bernhard Wieland: Reduced Basis Methods for Partial Differential Equatioswith Stochastic Influences (K. Urban, 26.06.2013)
  • Juan Carlos Matutat: Numerische Optimierung von Schiffen mit VSP: Parametrische Modellierung und Simulation (K. Urban, 21.02.2013)
  • Theresa Springer: Mathematical Analysis and Computational Methods for Probabilistic Multi-Hypothesis Tracking (PMHT) (K. Urban, 21.02.2013)/li>
  • Faraz Toor: A Study of the Exponential Method of Lines for a Class of Parabolic Problems
    (K. Urban, 19.12.2012)

  • Timo Tonn: Reduced-Basis Method (RBM) for Non-Affine Elliptic Parametrized PDEs
    (K. Urban, S. Funken, 12/2011)

  • Philipp Jester: Wavelets in der Optik - Wellenpropagation in inhomogenen Medien
    (K. Urban, S. Funken, 04/2011)

  • Mario Rometsch: A Wavelet Tour on Option Pricing
    (K. Urban, 10/2010)

  • Michael Hopfensitz: Numerische Optimierung von Schiffen mit VSP: Automatische Gittergenerierung
    (K. Urban, S. Funken, 07/2010)

  • Christoph Erath: Coupling of the Finite Volume Method and the Boundary Element Method
    (S. Funken, K. Urban, 04/2010)

  • Guntram Seitz: Global Nonlinear Optimization and Optimal Control for Applications in Pulp and Paper Industry
    (K. Urban, S. Funken, 02/2010)

  • Michael Lehn: FLENS - A Flexible Library for Efficient Numerical Solutions
    (K. Urban, 04/2008)