YMMOR 2023

2nd Young Mathematicians in Model Order Reduction Conference

The basic idea of the conference is to bring together young researchers, working in the field of Model Order Reduction, in an informal atmosphere and it is entirely in the spirit of scientific exchange

Progress lives from the exchange of knowledge.

Albert Einstein, born 1879 in Ulm

Nevertheless, we also want to spend a relaxed time together, as Blaise Pascal already knew

Mathematics as a subject is so serious, that no opportunity should be missed to make it a little more entertaining.

Blaise Pascal, French Mathematician, 1623-1662

The conference is addressed to master students, doctoral students and early postdocs. It is particularly well suited for discussing one's research work with like-minded people. It is not required to present a completed work, open questions are welcome.

After the great success of the first YMMOR in Münster with exciting talks, in-depth discussions and social activities, we are pleased to continue the concept here in Ulm. The second edition of the YMMOR conference will take place from 20th to 24th of March 2023 at the University of Ulm, Germany.

Basic knowledge in the field of MOR is required for the conference. In addition, each participant should present his/her own research status, open questions of the research field or a topic in the field of MOR in which he/she is interested in. To participate, you need to register for the conference. In order to be able to publish an overview of the talks, we kindly ask you to submit a short abstract. You can find the detailed information by clicking on the links on the right.

You are welcome to download the poster (A4, A3) of the conference and display it in your institution.

Workshop Organizers

  • Nina Beranek
  • Lewin Ernst
  • Moritz Feuerle
  • Constantin Greif
  • Julian Henning
  • Samuel Knaus
  • Alexander Reinhold

Institute of Numerical Mathematics
Ulm University
Director: Prof. Dr. Karsten Urban


Here you can download the slides and some pictures (last update: 12.04.23).