Seminar Modellreduktion und dynamische Systeme

  • Das Seminar "Modellreduktion und dynamische Systeme" richtet sich MasterstudentenInnen aller mathematischen Studiengänge.
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  • Treffpunkt und Themenvergabe: Erste Semesterwoche (genauer Zeitpunkt wird noch bekannt gegeben)
  • Das Seminar wird voraussichtlich am Ende des Semesters als Blockseminar durchgeführt.


  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Lebiedz
  • Dipl.-Math. Jonas Unger


  • SWS/LP: 2/4


A large number of technical applications include chemically reactive flows comprising an interplay between convective and diffusive species transport and chemical reaction processes. In many realistic kinetic models the occurence of a large number of chemical species and reactions as well as a high degree of stiffness due to multiple time scales give rise to significant challenges for numerical simulations and call for multi-scale approaches and model reduction techniques. 
The goal is the development of a practical numerical reduction technique that can be applied to high-dimensional realistic chemical reaction mechanisms and automatically computes slow invariant manifolds (SIM) as low-dimensional approximations of long-term system dynamics in chemical kinetics with multiple time scales and spectral gaps.