Current topics for Bachelor's or Master's theses

  • Master Thesis: "Statistical methods for crack detection in large 3D image" (Details), Contact: Prof. Spodarev and Duc Nguyen
  • Master Thesis: "Anomaly detection in Electroencephalography signals" (Details), Contact: Prof. Spodarev and Duc Nguyen
  • Master/Bachelor Thesis: "Resolution restoration/upcaling of images via extrapolation with excursion metrics" (Details), Contact: Prof. Spodarev and Dr. Vitalii Makogin
  • Master/Bachelor Thesis: "Forecasting financial time series using excursion predictor" (Details), Contact: Prof. Spodarev and Dr. Vitalii Makogin
  • Master Thesis: "Konstruktion von Fullerenisomeren und deren Graphen am Computer" (Details), Contact: Prof. Spodarev und Artur Bille
  • Master Thesis: "Informationsdiffusion in sozialen Netzwerken" (Details) Contact: Prof. KlierProf. Rautenbach und Prof. Spodarev
  • Master-Thesis „The volume-of-tube method for regression models with elliptical errors“  (Details) Contact:  Prof. Spodarev und Prof. Pauly
  • Bachelor- or Master Thesis „Asymptotic and randomization tests for random fields“ (Details) Contact:  Prof. Spodarev und Prof. Pauly
  • Bachelor- or Master Thesis „Monte-Carlo tests based on functionals of Gaussian processes" (Details) Contact:  Prof. Spodarev und Prof. Pauly
  • 3D analysis, modeling and simulation of the microstructur in fiber based porous materials (Details)
    Contact: Prof. Schmidt
  • 3D Modelling the photoactive layer in polymer solar cells (Details)
    • Simulation of different virtual morphologies and their analysis w.r.t. physical transport properties of excitons and electrons. Contact: Prof. Schmidt, Daniel Westhoff
  • A limit theorem for exceedance measures of random fields
    Contact: Prof. Spodarev and Dr. Makogin
  • Model-based prediction of area weather events (Details)
    Contact: Prof. Schmidt
  • Simulation of random fields (Details)
    Contact: Prof. Spodarev
  • Spatial stochastic modeling in property insurance
    Contact: Prof. Spodarev
  • Entropy-Analysis for the detection of inhomogeneities in fibre systems (Details)
    Contact: Prof. Spodarev
  • Statistical estimation of population density maps for North America from radiocarbon data (Details)
    Contact: Prof. Schmidt
  • Stochastic modeling and analysis of telecommunication networks (Details) 
    • Development and implementation of simulation algorithms of typical cells of random Voronoi mosaics based on Cox-point processes and the cost analysis in telecommunication networks based on such simulations. Contact: Prof. Schmidt
    • Analysis of tree structures in stochastic networks. Contact: Prof. Schmidt
  • Stochastic modeling and image analysis in biology und medicine (Details) 
    • Implementation of statistical methods to analyse 3D microscopic data of cartilage-tissue. Contact: Prof. Schmidt
  • Stochastic modeling of the gas diffusion layer in fuel cells (Details)
    • Development and implementation of methods to calculate different  physical characteristics from realisations of the models and also from the real 3D data and their statistical analysis. Contact: Prof. Schmidt
    • Enhancement of the existing models by integration of additional components. Contact: Prof. Schmidt
    • Development and implementation of an adaptation algorithm with special focus on important physical characteristics and 3D segmentation of image data. Contact: Prof. Schmidt