Research interests

  • Stochastic geometry
    • Random point processes and random mosaics
    • Germ-grain models
    • Statistical analysis of (binary) image data
    • Monte-Carlo simulation
  • Spatial statistics, Geostatistics
    • Detection of geometrical features in 2D and 3D images
    • Correlation of the nano structure and the macroscopical attributes of materials (virtual material design)
    • Application of statistical analysis of (micro- and macroscopic) image data, quantitative characterisation of their morphological structure
  • Computer based statistics
  • Stochastic image analysis and image processing
  • Fractal geometry
  • Insurance mathematics and risk theory
  • Stochastic networks
  • Random fields

Current Projects

Past Projects

Statistical consulting

The institute of Stochastics offers statistical consulting to institutes at Ulm University as well as to companies.

If you are interested please contact Prof. Spodarev or Prof. Schmidt.