Stochastic Geometry II

Time and Place


Wednesday, 10:15 - 11:55, E03, Heho 22

Exercise classes

Friday, 12:15 - 13:55, 120, Heho18



2 hours lecture, 1 hour exercise classes

4 credit points


Basic knowledge of probability like taught in "Elementare Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung und Statistik". The lecture "Stochastic Geometry" is not necessary.


Stochastic geometry deals with random geometric structures. In this lecture we will treat two selected topics from stochastic geometry:

 Random compact sets

  • The convex hull of random points: We consider the convex hull of finitely many points distributed uniformly within a given compact set (left picture). We will examine stochastic properties (e.g. the expected value) of geometric quantities (e.g. the area) of this convex hull. 
  • The strong law of large numbers: The arithmetic mean convergences to the expected value for random compact sets as well if we define these notions appropriately. 

Random tessellations

  • Definition and elementary properties: Tessellations partition the Euclidean space into so-called cells. 
  • Mean values for geometric quantities of a cell: We will define the notion of the typical distribution of a cell and derive formulas for the expected values of various geometric quantities, e.g. the area or the number of neighboring cells.
  • Models for random tessellations: We will treat the most important models of random tessellations: Voronoi tessellation (middle picture), hyperplane tessellation (right picture) and STIT tessellation.


There is no prerequisite. Further details will be announced later. 

Exercise sheets

Submitting solutions for the exercise sheets is strongly recommanded.


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Lecturer & Teaching assistant

Dr. Jürgen Kampf

Helmholtzstraße 18, Raum 1.46

0731 50 23526



The language of the course has been changed to german.

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